The Young Kidz

   Joe & Carol Young are the heart and soul of the group, The Young Kidz, often performing as a duo.


Joe Young plays Martin and Washburn acoustic, as well as Fender and Gibson electric guitars. Joe sings and, as always, brings a most extensive repertoire to the group.

Carol Young plays Fender Precision Fretless and Ibanez Fretless basses. Born in Lodi, California, she began taking piano lessons in grade school, and has always loved music and dance. Carol began playing the bass guitar in 2014. She has become a lifetime member of the SBL Academy, where she continues her studies and contribution to the trade.


Larger versions of The Young Kidz have included up to six additional members including, drums, horns, keyboards and percussion. Their variety and versatility are unmatched in many venues.    


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Peace on Earth Album

Christmas Me Album