Peace On Earth

by Joseph Michael Young   BMI   all rights reserved


                   G                          D

Peace on earth, peace on earth

            Em                     C

Every soul knows its worth

              G                        D

Feel it come, beat the drum

                    C    G

Peace on earth


              A#      Am            G

Let the weary rest their head

              A#        C       G

Let the hungry all be fed

                  D#       C         G

From the fruit on every tree

               D#                     D

Let the children finally see

(repeat Chorus)

       A#     Am        G  

It's written in the stars

                      A#         C           G

And they're burning off the hours

              D#      C          G  

For the power in His hand

      D#                   D

No evil will withstand

(repeat Chorus)

               A#  Am       G

And the lion will lie down

                 A#       C             G

With the lamb upon the ground

          D#       C         G  

Then all will understand

               D#                    D

This will be in spite of man