My Light's Gonna Shine


Bb                                             Gm

Some day my light's gonna shine

Cm                             A7

It's just a matter of time

Dm                     G7

Hallelujah! I'm moving up the line

Cm                   F7                   Bb     F7

Some day my light's gonna shine



Bb                             C7   Bb                        C7

I'll keep a watchful eye, on every by and by

Eb                            Dm                           G7

So I'll know when things are moving slow

Cm                                   F7

That ain't no reason to cry


Bb                                  C7   Bb                     C7     

I'll keep my sights set true, in everything I do

Eb                                            Dm               G7

The wheel goes 'round, the lost will be found

Cm                                      F7

Gray skies above will be blue


Bb                                   C7       Bb                             C7

One day the time will come, when I'll be number one

Eb                          Dm                   G7

Until that day, I'll have to find a way

Cm                                           F7

To keep these blues on the run