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Always well received, The Young Kidz!

I book many venues, representing approximately 50 musicians. 
Joe and Carol are very professional, and well received at every performance. 
They are on my A list as what they bring to the table is always the very best. 
Joe’s melodic vocals, along with amazing guitar skills and ever present Carol on the eclectic bass and vocal add up to a top quality, highly entertaining event. 
They are easy going and easy to work with! If you haven’t heard them or hired them, I would encourage you to contact me and I will assist you in any way possible.

Victor Pruner - Agent

Wonderful people, The Young Kidz!

As club owners in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have many high-caliber musicians perform at our establishment. When given the opportunity to talk or write about them, I tend to be a bit of a braggart.  Yes!  We’re THAT Lucky! I certainly boast about the YOUNG KIDZ a.k.a. Joe and Carol Young . . . they have the talent AND the human warmth AND an inventory of songs that, if needed, could go on for days AND they’re savvy at reading every audience well . . . so they pull out just the right GEM-of-a-song. I absolutely love watching any given, random audience member WATCH/LISTEN to the YOUNG KIDZ.  They definitely charm our patrons who always come back for more. Our advice to ANY club owners, whether PNW or the SW, or anywhere – “If you can get ‘em . . . BOOK ‘em!”

 ~ Cheers, JD and Becky Merris, Fireside Martini Bar, Bellingham, WA

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